Really Slick Screensavers Port to GLX

06/25/02 was a momentous day in Unix screensaver history. At least I think so. The Really Slick Screensavers were open sourced under GPL. I didn't notice this until 07/28, but once I did, I started porting.

>>> insert long delay <<<

After some licensing problems preventing inclusion in XScreenSaver (which is BSD/X licensed), my original intent, I've been asked to release my work in a standalone package. The package here currently contains all of the screensavers from the original collection, plus a few others I've managed to find the source for online.

NEW: If you would like to have a Windows OpenGL screensaver ported to GLX and included in this package, drop me a line with a link to the source. If the source is not available, depending on the circumstances (ie, if its a freeware saver from an individual), I'd recommend dropping the author a line politely asking whether he would be willing to release it under GPL. I think this is how the Really Slick Screensavers eventually got GPLed, and I've had success on a smaller scale getting permission to rerelease publicly available savers/demos under GPL in this package.

Tugrul Galatali <tugrul at>

Current Release: 0.9.1 (01/04/10)

     Screen Shots!

     Changelog for 0.9.1:

  • Added port of Pixel City, originally by Shamus Young.
  • Replaced methods deprecated by ImageMagick.



tar/bzip2: (All in one 5.2MB)

Binary Packages:

debian: Now in Debian, thanks to Ari Pollak <ari at>

RPMs for various distros may be found by searching for rss_glx on

Original Windows Binaries and Source are available in the file area.


To other slick screensavers :)